[PRE-ORDER 2020 Q4] Batman Pull back car series Special Edition Set

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Beast Kingdom
Release Date: Q4, 2020

Model: Batman Pull back car series Special Edition Set
Product Measurements: Approx. 5cm Height

Batman fans will surely want to own this collection! Beast Kingdom is proud to present the Batman Pull Back Car Series Special Edition Set.


This series reproduces many classic Batmobile designs from film and television. With a sharp appearance and fun to use, this set makes a striking impression. It makes a great display for an office and the whir of the Batmobile across the desk can transform the stress of work in to a fun break. This set includes seven classic sleek Batmobile pull back cars in a colorful box backed with comic book cover print. Whether as a gift or for your personal collection, now is the perfect time to get the complete set!


1966 TV The original retro design with two seats for Robin and Batman to fight the baddies: WHAM!

1992 The classic Tim Burton design with a Jet Turbo Engine and streamlined body!  

1992 The Animated Classic shows a long body with geometric shapes, similar to the character designs

1995 Batman Forever, houses an alien-esque body with three bat-wings, a hugely unique design

1997 Batman & Robins Frost Batmobile is the one-seater ready for the wintery weather of Gotham

2005 The ultimate tank, the now classic Batman Begins armored car is straight out of a military hanger

2017 A mixture of style and brawn the Justice League Batmobile is the perfect middle ground


The whole series of Batmobiles are equipped with electroplating design, which makes the Batmobile look more eye-catching! It is to make your collection different from others!

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