Disney Pixar Toy Story Series - Mini Egg Attack - Bullseye (MEA-001)

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Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack Series: Toy Story generation II figures are making their adorable appearance! Gen II once again takes care to select the most iconic Toy Story characters: the hero Sheriff Woody, the video game geek Rex, the innocent Squeeze Toy Aliens, the wisecracking Hamm, and the loyal friend Slinky Dog. In addition to these classic heroes, another highlight of the series is the introduction of the classic interstellar baddie, and nod to Star Wars, Emperor Zurg.

This series upholds that which made MEA-001 special, each detailed adorable figure has been carefully painted to reflect the movie, making each figure melt your heart while also being a valuable collectable. Each character’s special puzzle-mat platform lets you arrange the figures any way you want.

What's in the box 1 x Disney Pixar Toy Story Series - Mini Egg Attack - Bullseye (MEA-001)
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