Doctor Strange: Egg Attack Action - Stephen Strange (EAA-044)

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EAA 044
Beast Kingdom


Beast Kingdom is proud to present the Doctor Strange EAA action figure, in all of his reality-altering glory! 26 movable joints throughout the figure allow positioning in any spell casting poses as seen in films. The movable eye mechanism hidden the figure’s head and realistic facial coloring truly bring this figure to life. One of Doctor Strange’s many mystical items, the Cloak of Levitation is also included. Not only is the cloak removable and intricately colored, details of the embroidery have been painstakingly reproduced. Both offensive and defensive spell effect accessories are included, enhancing the figure’s interactivity. Beast Kingdom is extending an invitation to all Doctor Strange fans to join his alternate universe, unleashing magic upon the world, turning it upside down and altering reality!

Special Features
- 26 movable joints throughout the figure
- Movable eye mechanism hidden in the head of the figure
- Removable magic cloak, complete with intricate details
- Clothing patterns and details perfectly recreated through composite materials
- Full range of spell effect accessories – for both offensive and defensive spells
- Figure support stand
What's in the box 1 x Doctor Strange: Egg Attack Action - Stephen Strange (EAA-044)
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