Beast Kingdom MEA-005 Disney The Incredibles Mini Egg Attack Collections

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Mini Egg Attack | 005 The Incredibles
You can collect all 5!
1. Strong and nimble – Mr. Incredible
2. Flexible and resilient – Elastigirl
3. Quick and protective – Violet and Dash
4. Enigmatic and cute – Jack-Jack
5. Proud and fashionable – Edna Mode

1-5 inch The Incredibles character statue
- Meticulously designed
- Accurately recreates the expressions and styling of each character

Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack series, perfect for display in offices, is proud to present mini character statue from the classic animated picture The Incredibles.

These fine-sized statue show off the essence and abilities of each character, with unique bases that have been designed based on settings in the movie. Not only are these bases interactive with the character, they can also be arranged into a small movie scene display.

First of all, we have Mr. Incredible, using his incredibly strong short-range attack to help out Elastigirl, who is attacking a distant enemy using her flexible and elastic body. Violet and Dash are off to one side, creating protective force fields and sprinting around to disrupt the enemy's attention! Little baby Jack-Jack is safe back home, where he shows off his many powers. Finally, when the Parr family has successfully defeated the villains and return home, they have to thank the hero behind the scenes – the proud designer Edna Mode.

Do you want to create your own play with The Incredibles? Then hurry to Beast Kingdom and get the whole set!
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