[BUNDLE] Beast Kingdom DAH-007SP + Piggy Bank Justice League Aquaman Limited Edition Action Figure

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1 x DAH-007SP Justice League Aquaman Limited Edition
1 x Aquaman - Justice League Multifunctional Piggy Bank

An underwater king who inherits the might powers of Atlantis! Finally after the highly anticipated release of the Aquaman movie, a wave of excitement swept across DC fandom, and with that Beast Kingdom is releasing a figure fit for any underwater king! The DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series of highly posable, yet realistic action figures, recreates the mighty sea warrior of "Aquaman" in 1/9 form, taking inspiration from the "NEW 52" comics featuring the famous justice league character.

The "DAH-007SP Justice League Aquaman Comic Color Special Edition" is based on the designs of "Justice League", combining Aquaman's gold and green armor colors in the "NEW 52" comics, to create a powerful visage of the character.

With meticulous sculpting, fine muscle lines, high-quality metallic paint, and a high level of mobility at 30 movable joints, this action figure, which also happens to have a wide range of accessories is a perfect addition to Beast Kingdom’s 10th anniversary line up.

Removable head with aperture design for collecting changes
Exclusive base with slot structure for placing business cards

Based on DC hero movie Justice League, Egg Attack designed a series of cute and multi-fuctional figures for Wonder Women, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Painting to reveal their own characters, Justice League becomes more adorable and attractive. Piggy bank? or business card frame? They are your own Justice League!
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