[PRE-ORDER 2021 Q3] Beast Kingdom LS-074SP Marvel Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mark 85 Life Size Statue (Royal Selangor Metalesce Edition)

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Beast Kingdom
Release Date: Q3, 2021

Model: LS074SP Iron Man Mark 85 Life Size Statue (Metalesce Edition)

Product Measurements:  Approx. H215cm, 39KG
• Limited 30 pieces worldwide
• A special edition Iron Man Mark 85 life size statue, from the 2019 hit Avengers Endgame
• Recreation of the climactic scene in the movie where the Mark 85 is wearing the Nano Gauntlet
• High-quality FRP fiberglass build
• The Nano Gauntlet on the right hand is adorned with all six gems, which glow using LED Lights
• In addition to the six gems, the eyes, palm and chest also include at least ten LED lights
• Professionally hand-painted, with a special use of pewter, brass paint
• The statue is matched with a bold letter ‘A’ on the base, and a high-end, pewter matte finish
• The metal surface will be oxidized due to time, temperature, humidity, etc., and will take on different colors over time.

And I… am Iron Man!

The Avengers Endgame was a culmination of multiple movies all intertwined into a saga that was epic in scale, and unlike anything that was witnessed on screen before, hence a suit just as epic for Iron Man was needed. The Mark 85, the last onscreen version of Iron Man’s armored suit is an advanced melding of nano technology and sleek design!

The brand-new Mark 85 life-size statue metalesce edition is again made in collaboration with the world's largest pewter manufacturer "Royal Selangor" from Malaysia, after a successful collaboration release on another Iron Man Mark 43 pewter edition back in year 2018.

The legendary Iron Man Mark 85 life-size statue metalesce edition stands at 215cm tall, complete with the movie accurate Nano Gauntlet and all Infinity gems. Its meticulously detailed body was colored using pewter, brass, and copper with Royal Selangor’s Metalesce coating process. In addition to the six Infinity gems, at least ten more LED lights are included in the eyes, palm, and chest.

This special edition Mark 85 life-size statue is a one-of-a-kind release, perfect for collectors and professional businesses looking to display one of the most revered superheroes in cinematic history. It is limited to only 30 pieces worldwide.

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